Workshop binaural à l’UER-EBU le 14 mai 2013


Voici le prochain grand évènement impliquant de nombreux membres AES français et européens. La BBC, Radio France et francetélévisions s’associent pour l’organisation de ces deux jours de conférence et démonstrations autour des technologies binaurales. Pour en apprendre plus sur l’audio binaural, c’est ici.

L’Union Européenne de Radiotélévision (European Broadcast Union) est située en Suisse, à Genève.

Découvrez (en Anglais) le programme de cet événement ci-dessous, et accédez aux présentations sur le site de l’EBU.

This workshop – free for EBU Members, but open to all – will demonstrate and discuss the future of audio technologies to enhance the sense of immersionClick here for more information about the event.


With more and more people able to access broadcast content on portable devices, the quality of the headphone listening experience is becoming more important. This workshop will explore how binaural audio technology could create immersive spatial sound experiences for those listening over headphones.

The subject is relevant to both radio and television, as well as online media. Presentations will provide an introduction to many different aspects of binaural audio, from production and distribution challenges to open research questions. Panel discussions will allow content makers and technologists to question the technology providers and researchers about how we can use binaural audio to enhance the listening experience for audiences.


  • Past: a bit of history – The workshop will open with a look at the history of binaural audio, both in terms of the scientific research done through the years and the experiences of broadcasters.
  • Present: broadcasting binaural today – An overview of some of the work being done by broadcasters today, with presentations from Germany, France and the UK, plus research on exchange of HRTF files.
  • Future: new research directions – This session will look at the future of binaural, whether to create more personalized experiences or new techniques for recording and reproduction.
  • Panel Discussions – Both days of the workshop will include discussion panels, with day 1 focusing on the challenges surrounding distribution of binaural audio and day 2 looking at production challenges for broadcasters

The complete programme is available from the website.


There will also be a chance to get hands-on experience with some of the latest technologies and techniques for binaural audio, with demos from Fraunhofer IIS, IRT, Radio France, BBC, Dolby, DMS, Trinnov Audio, Sonic Emotion, Longcat and Auro Technologies. More info…


This workshop is free for EBU Members to attend, non-members pay a fee of CHF 100.

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